1. When does the train to Nanyuki operate?

Ans: The Train to Nanyuki usually operates on Fridays and returns back from Nanyuki on Sunday

  1. How long does the train to Nanyuki take from Nairobi?

Ans: With the terrain and the number stops that the train makes at each station, the time taken is 7 hours.

  1. How does one purchase tickets for the train?

Ans: Tickets are usually purchase while onboard the train and that’s why we encourage passengers to check in at least one hour early before train departure time.

  1. Do you offer catering services inside the train?

Ans: There is a catering company called Morans that offer foods and drinks to passengers at a fee.

  1. What time does depart Nairobi Central Railway Station?

Ans: The train departs from Nairobi Central Railway Station at 9.00am on Fridays

  1. Does it make stops along the way to Nanyuki?

Ans: Yes, it makes stops in Makadara, Dandora, Mwiki, Githurai, Kahawa West, Ruiru, Thika, Mitubiri, Makuyu, Maragua, Murang’a, Sagana, Karatina, Kiganjo and Naromoru

  1. Which sitting class arrangement does the train have?

Ans: The train has two classes. First class and Economy class. First class costs Sh1000 while Economy class costs Sh200. The fares vary depending on the point of boarding and destination

  1. Do you have courier services to Nanyuki via Rail?

Ans: Courier services have not been officially launched but we normally carry extra baggage for passengers at a fee which varies depending on its weight.

  1. How many trains do you operate to Nanyuki?

Ans: The train to Nanyuki usually operates once a week, on Fridays at 9.00am from Nairobi Central Railway Station.

  • How early should one arrive at Nairobi Central Railway Station to board train to Nanyuki?

Ans: Kenya Railways expects passengers to check in at least one hour or earlier to time of departure

  • When does the train return back to Nairobi?

Ans: The train from Nanyuki makes a return leg every Sunday

  • What time does the train depart Nanyuki Train Station?

Ans: The train departs from Nanyuki Train Station at 9.00am.