Procedure for handling and resolution of customer complaints.


  • To describe those actions that shall be taken by the CAD when responding to customer complaints.


  • This procedure applies to Kenya Railways


  • CAM – Corporate Affairs Manager
  • CAJ – Commission on Administrative Justice


  • The responsibility for this procedure lies with the CAM


  1. Upon receipt of an enquiry/complaint from staff or external publics, CAM shall determine whether the complaint is dealt with at the frontline or through investigation.
  2. For complaints that can be handled at the frontline, CAM shall advise the concerned officer to address the complaint and conclude the case within five (5) working days by way of email, memo or phone.
  3. CAM shall communicate the outcome of the investigations to the complainant using the appropriate means which shall include phone, writing, and email or in person.
  4. In case the complainant indicates they are not satisfied with the outcome of corrective actions taken by the Corporation, CAM shall conduct further investigations addressing any details the complainant may have highlighted as the reason for lack of satisfaction. This shall be addressed within forty five (45) working days.
  5. For cases that require detailed investigations owing to their complexity, CAM shall acknowledge receipt within two (2) working days advising the complainant of the period he/she should expect feedback on the case.
  6. CAM shall forward a complaint memo/email to the Concerned Department for response within two (2) working days from receipt of the complaint
  7. The Concerned Department/Division shall resolve the complaint within forty five (45) working days
  8. The Concerned Department/Division shall then respond to complainant upon resolution of the complaints or communicate to update complainants on the status of their cases incase investigations are yet to be concluded. This correspondence shall be copied to CAM
  9. If upon the expiry of the forty five (45) working days period CAD shall not have received evidence of communication with the complainant from the Concerned Department, the CAM shall request an update on the status of the case in writing (email or memo). CAD should receive a response to the enquiry within two (2) working days
  10. If upon expiry of the two (2) working days period CAD shall not have received a response from the Concerned Department/Division, CAM shall forward a Non-response-to- complaints memo to the Managing Director for guidance.
  11. In case:

1. The complainant indicates they are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigations; CAM shall present the complaint to the Customer Complaints Management Committee for review. For cases where the complainant indicates dissatisfaction even after the Committee’s recommendations, CAM shall refer the complainant to the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ).

2. The complainant shall not raise any further questions following CAM’s correspondence; CAM shall consider the matter closed.

  1. At the end of each quarter, CAM shall analyze the complaints for the quarter and prepare a Customer Complaints Resolution report. The report shall be presented to the Customer Complaints Management Committee for review and thereafter forwarded to the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ).


  • The Complaints register
  • Complaints correspondence:
    • Complaints forwarding Memo/Email
    • Complaints acknowledgement letter
    • Complaint status enquiry memo/email
    • Non- response to complaints memo
  • Quarterly complaints report
  • Certificate of compliance
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