Attainment and Certification of Kenya Railways QMS under ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Kenya Railways recently attained certification of its Quality Management system under ISO 9001:2015 Standard. This is an internationally recognized certification that confirms that we have put system and processes in place to ensure that our products and services meet the needs of our clients. This certification under ISO 9001:2015 comes after three years of transition process from the previous QMS Standard ISO 9001:2008. KR decision to pursue ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality and consistent products and services to our existing and future customers.

Kenya Railways was awarded this ISO Certification by KEBS after review and evaluation of our Quality Management System. The certification was granted in two certificates, i.e. Kenya Railways Headquarters and Railways Training Institute (RTI) under certificate Number KEBS/QMS/RF/345REV.00 and KEBS/QMS/RF/342/REV.002 respectively. The reason for the two certificates was due to the distinction and differentiation of the vocational education training services being offered by RTI as it provides skills and technology to the railway sector.

ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

As one of the requirements of the new QMS ISO Standard, we have established a Risks Management Framework which advocates for risk based thinking, by ensuring that we have a proactive and systematic process of identifying and mitigating risks in advance.

Kenya Railways commitment to quality service delivery is evidenced by the recently ongoing projects such as the recent commissioning of Marine School Kisumu, a constituent campus of RTI which is dedicated to specialized marine training; the ongoing modernization of RTI through ultra-modern training facilities to improve training in the railway sector; the recent rehabilitation of Nairobi-Nanyuki MGR line which is opening up economic activity in central Kenya; the recently rehabilitation of MV Uhuru Vessel which has improved intermodal transport in East African region; the ongoing refurbishment of Nakuru-Kisumu MGR line which will spur up economic gain within the region.