Rail and Road Connection Now an Option for JKIA Customers

The Nairobi Commuter Rail Service now offers a quick transport solution for customers traveling out of the country via the Nairobi Commuter Rail to JKIA Express service: a service targeting customers traveling to and from the airport.  Customers utilizing the service are able to beat the traffic snarl ups and get to the airport in time. This group of customers can board the train at the Nairobi Central station, alight at Embakasi Village station and take the bus in to the airport at a cost of Ksh. 250.

The service combines Train and Bus travel ensuring a safe and cost effective means of transport that saves time by avoiding traffic jams usually experienced on the roads leading to JKIA. The service operation period will be between 0545hrs to 2100hrs. The buses have a capacity of 52-80 passengers (seated and standing).


Nairobi Commuter Rail Service

Nairobi Commuter Rail Service

Customers of the JKIA Express service will enjoy the use of the Airport South Road and will be picked and dropped off at the cargo area and at the JKIA Central Square. The service targets users of the Airport e.g. workers and travellers. The customers will board the train at the Nairobi Central station and along the line, alight at Embakasi Village station and take the bus in to the airport.

While commissioning the Refurbished Nairobi Commuter Rail Service few weeks ago the President said that the investment undertaken so far in upgrading the commuter service within the Nairobi Metropolitan region; investments in access roads, including Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) facilities, and creating integrated and modern ticketing systems had cost the government about Kshs. 6.6 billion.

The CS of Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Urban Development Mr. James Macharia during the commissioning of the service said that investing in an integrated transport network in our cities and growing urban areas, the government is not only giving citizens affordable and accessible pathways to conduct their business and social activities but we are also creating additional pathways for employment and economic development.  International experience shows that investment in transit can yield 50,731 jobs per 100 billion invested and offers a 4-to-1 economic return.

This development is part of the government’s efforts to integrate various modes of transport with an aim of unlocking the transport gridlock witnessed on the city’s roads. The revitalized Commuter Rail Service with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is aimed at bridging the transportation gap linking the Nairobi Central Station as the nerve center and the catchment areas.