Madaraka Express Travel Passenger travel: What You Need to Know

The Madaraka Express Passenger Service is designed to transport you comfortably between Mombasa and Suswa station with stopovers at Mariakani, Miasenyi Voi, Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Emali, Athi River, Nairobi Terminus, Ongata Rongai, Ngong and Maai Mahiu stations.

Purchasing of Tickets

Tickets for travel on the Madaraka Express Passenger Service can be purchased as outlined below:

  1. Online: using the https// platform
  2. Inperson: Over the counter at the nearest Madaraka Express Passenger Service
  3. By phone. Utilizing the USSD Payment Solution by dialing *639# on your Safaricom line and following the steps as prompted
  • Passengers can purchase a ticket upto sixty (60) days in advance and a return ticket as long as it is within the sixty (60) days window period
  • TheUSSD payment solution and online platform are available 24/7
  • One can book up to a maximum of ten (10) persons per transaction with the USSD Payment Solution and the online platform


 Ticket Validity

A Madaraka Express Passenger Service ticket is only valid for travel on the date, time and on the train displayed on the ticket.  No open dated tickets will be issued.  If you board any train other than the one specified on your ticket you will have to pay the full fare applicable to the train and class in which you are travelling with a 30% of the ticket cost penalty.  A refund may be available on the original ticket held depending on the ticket type and will be subject to the Refund policy.

Madaraka Express Passenger Service tickets are ONLY sold by us via the channels indicated herein.  If a ticket is resold or transferred for profit or other commercial gain, it will become invalid and the holder may be refused access to the Madaraka Express Passenger Service train.

Breaking a journey at Intermediate stations

Stop-overs enroute are not permitted.   If you break your journey, you will not be entitled to continue it later and your ticket will stand annulled.

If you travel to a station different to that specified on the ticket

If you wish to use your ticket for a station other than the one for which it is valid, you will have to pay the appropriate full fare for the additional portion of the journey plus a 30 % surcharge.

You may not transfer your ticket to anyone else

Madaraka Express Passenger Service tickets are made out in a passenger’s name and are non-transferable. The tickets can only be used by the person whose name is indicated on the ticket.

During travel, access to Madaraka Express Passenger Service is only granted to the passenger whose details appear on the ticket. Passengers must therefore provide valid proof of identity, as well as the identity for those for whom a particular passenger is responsible for. The name of the Identification documents must match the name on the ticket.

We reserve the right to check the identity documents of passengers and may refuse to carry any passenger and their baggage where they have refused or are unable to provide valid proof of their identity. In such circumstances a refund or exchange is not applicable.

DSC02572Withdrawal of Tickets

Madaraka Express Passenger Service tickets remain our property and if you fail in any material respect to comply with any condition governing its use, your ticket may be withdrawn or invalidated by our staff.  If a ticket is withdrawn or invalidated by our staff you will be refused permission to travel and/or continue your journey and no refunds will be issued for any used portion of your ticket.

Audit Requirements

Our staff may retain tickets for audit purposes. If we do this, we will provide you with replacement tickets or receipts as appropriate.

 Make sure that you have a valid Passport/Identification Card with you when you travel

You are also responsible for ensuring that you are in possession of an Identification Card (ID) or other valid identification documents when you travel.  If you attempt to travel without an ID or other necessary Identification documents, you may not be allowed to board the train.

Please keep your ticket ready to show or hand over

Tickets must be shown and/or handed over upon request to a member of our staff. We also reserve the right to require you provide appropriate personal identification upon demand. If you fail to do so, we may either:

  • charge you on the basis of the full fare applicable to the train, journey and class in which you are travelling; or
  • refuse you permission to travel and/or continue your journey and issue no refund for any used portion of your

You must hold a valid ticket throughout your entire journey, retain your ticket until leaving the destination station and keep it available for inspection at all times.

Assistance for Disabled Persons, Ailing Persons and/or Persons with Special Conditions

If you are a person with a disability, ailing person or if you have any special condition, you are requested to notify the Passenger Stewards when purchasing the ticket or at least 48 hours prior to your departure by calling our Contact Centre if you require any assistance. The sick persons must be accompanied by guardian/caretaker.

The ‘Terms and Conditions’ for ticket purchases and general operations as below:

  1. Passengers are encouraged to get to the train station not later than one (1) hour before   departure   for   an   easy   check-in   and   boarding
  2. Passengers are also requested to note that the final call for boarding the train is made eleven (11) minutes to departure time and the gates to the platform close ten (10) minutes before departure All passengers must check-in and board before the indicated times.
  3. Passengers are advised to have original identification documents when booking over the counter and during the
  4. Selling of tickets for travel on the Madaraka Express Passenger Service between Mombasa and Suswa stops 10 minutes before departure
  5. The booking office opens at 6:30 am and closes at 8:30
  6. To book a ticket via telephone, one should call 0709 388888 between 8:30 am and 8:00 pm; and for enquiries reach us on 0709 388887 between 6:30 am and 8:00 pm.

During purchase of tickets at the stations, one should:

  • Pay attention to the display screen at the ticket windows
  • Prepare ticket fee in advance for quick service
  • Tell the Attendant your travel date, preferred train (whether it is the Inter-County, Express or Night train), departure station, destination station, preferred class,
  • Check the ticket information to confirm all the captured details are correct and alert the attendant in case of any errors
  • Confirm you have been given the correct balance after purchasing the ticket

Children Travel

  • Children below 13 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the journey Children between 3-11 years traveling with adults will pay half fare
  • Children over 11 years old must pay the full ticket price
  • Children aged 3 years and below are not required to have a
  • Cases where a passenger is traveling with more than one child, only one child shall pay half The rest shall pay the full fare.

Cancelations and Rescheduling of Tickets

Cases where a passenger desires to change his/her travel, the following rescheduling and refund procedure shall be observed:


  • Cancelling of tickets should be done forty-eight (48) hours or more before the departure time indicated on the ticket
  • In order to cancel a ticket, one must provide the original identification documents and a photocopy of the same
  • Refunds shall be subject to the customer paying a 30% fee of the fare
  • Cancellations/refunds are   done   over   the   counter   at   the   nearest Madaraka Express Passenger Service station
  • Requests for a refund will be rejected in cases where the tickets are damaged (unrecognizable)


  • Tickets should be rescheduled forty-eight (48) hours or more before the departure time indicated on the ticket
  • Rescheduling of tickets is done using the details provided during the initial booking instance e same class, same service, same person).
  • Tickets are rescheduled over the counter at the nearest Madaraka Express Passenger Service station
  • Rescheduling a ticket will attract a 10% fee of the fare
  • A ticket can only be rescheduled once and cannot be refunded.

 Tickets purchased for travel during the period Kenya Railways had halted services due to the Cessation of Movement Order (between March 26, 2021 and May 2, 2021) remain valid. Owners of these tickets can reschedule their journey and travel at a later date upto August 31, 2021. The tickets can only be rescheduled once and cannot be refunded.

 Passengers falling into this category should visit the nearest Madaraka Express Passenger Service station forty-eight (48) hours before the intended date and time of travel and reschedule over the counter. This is subject to availability of seats. The passengers should present the original ticket, original Identification documents and a copy of the same. 

 Lost tickets

  • Replacing a lost ticket will attract a 30% fee of the lost ticket upon verification of details provided during the initial booking


Customers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the train stations or onboard the train.

Smoking Restrictions

  • You are not allowed to smoke while on board a Madaraka express train.
  • You are not allowed to smoke in any KR Premises, in any station or adjacent areas as indicated by the ‘No Smoking’ signs in those areas.

Pets on the train

In consideration of the safety of other passengers, Management notes that:

Pets are likely to carry viruses and bacteria thus posing a danger to other passengers. Pets are also likely to be offensive to the passengers, especially odour and excreta of pets may pollute the environment in the train and cause discomfort for other passengers.

For this reasons, KR Management prohibits bringing pets onboard