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In an effort to contribute to the environmental conservation agenda, the Corporation recently engaged in a tree planting exercise on July 18 – 19, 2019. The exercise took place in Samburu sub-county, Kwale District and saw 25 staff members represent the Corporation.

On July 18, the exercise took place at Ndohivyo Primary School and Ndohivyo Special School where 1000 and 500 seedlings were planted respectively.

The following day, the exercise went on at Samburu Secondary School where 1000 seedlings were planted. A total of 2500 seedlings were planted and included a mix of various varieties; Casuarina (800 seedlings), Acacia Spectabilis (500 seedlings), Grevillea Robusta (1000 seedlings) and Jambolan Plum tree; commonly known as Zambarau (200 seedlings).