SGR Training by RTI to Kick Off Soon

Students who undertook a previous training programme

Students who undertook a previous training programme

The next session of training for local students under the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project is set to commence soon. The Railway Training Institute has called on members of the public with the requisite qualifications to send in their applications by May 5, 2018.

The programme offers eight different courses tailored for rail transport operations and maintenance. The sources include Assistant Locomotive Drivers, Locomotive Inspection and Maintenance, Signaling, Railway Communication and Information, Power supply, Shunting, Transportation and Rolling Stock Inspection and Maintenance.

Following the successful operations of the Madaraka Express Passenger and Freight Service, the Corporation is placing greater focus on developing more manpower to serve the sector in a bid to enhance operations in the long term.

The programme which entails replicating Chinese vocational training is designed for prospective technicians who are expected to help Kenya ensure seamless operations and management of the railway line in future.  It aims to deepen trainees’ knowledge on railway matters and empower to oversee operations efficiently. In 2016, a section of Kenyan lecturers from the Railway Training Institute underwent a trainer’s education programme in China to also equip them in facilitating local training.

The advertised courses entail a 3 and 6 months class session after which the students are placed for internship and attachment sessions with the operations team in order to gain invaluable exposure.

Commissioning of the Mombasa to Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway project and subsequent commencement of the Madaraka Express service marked a watershed moment for Kenya. So far, the service has made a great impact on travelers and the SGR as a whole is expected to enhance transport in the country.