Local Manufacturers Assured of Efficiency on Madaraka Freight Service

Kenya Railways has moved to encourage cargo owners in the country to adopt the Madaraka Freight Service as their preferred mode of transporting their cargo. This was during a meeting with a section of Manufacturers in the country at the Kenya Pipeline Plaza on Wednesday February 14, 2018.


The Corporation reiterated that the railway line offers a service that is premised on safety, efficiency and reliability. The Madaraka Freight Service affords the customers surety of delivering cargo on time. These attributes of the project provide a suitable proposition for cargo owners to use the service.

Participants at the meeting were informed that Kenya Railways, Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya Revenue Authority who are they key players in the freight transportation via the Standard Gauge Railway line are continually undertaking measures to streamline the processes in order to make the service more efficient.

Speaking at the same forum, Synresin Ltd’s Mr. Arun Devani, said that the Madaraka Freight Service represents an improvement in the entire transport and logistics chain in the country. He expressed confidence that the service will deliver cargo to the intended destinations fast which is a critical component of the modern day market place.

“We are faced with a scenario where exporters want their goods to reach the final destination on time. Importers on the other hand want to receive their goods in time to reduce overstocking. The Standard Gauge Railway line will be a game changer in that it will drastically reduce transit times between destinations owing to the high speeds of the trains that will run on the line,” he said.

The Madaraka Freight Service has posted remarkable results in its first month of operations. The pick up phase has witnessed over 48,000 tonnes transported between Mombasa and Nairobi in slightly over a month.