SGR Delegation Calls on Bomet County Government of Phase 2A Construction

Bomet County Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso has welcomed the planned construction of the Standard Gauge Railway line through the county terming it as a great initiative that will boost the local economy.

bomet 1

This was during a courtesy call to her office by an inter-organizational team comprising of officials from Kenya Railways, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and Commissioners from the National Land Commission (NLC).

Dr. Laboso expressed her government’s support for the project and called on the locals to consider expanding their agricultural undertakings amongst other trade activities since upon completion of the construction, the SGR trains will offer an efficient mode of transportation for fresh produce and other products from the regions to other parts of the Nation.

Speaking at the meeting, NLC Commissioner, Dr. Samwel Tororei, confirmed that there will be an intermediate station for the SGR near Bomet Town. He urged cautioned locals of possibilities of con persons who are common during the ongoing land acquisition/compensation processes. “Do not be misled by cartels and cons to surrender your land improperly. Follow the due procedures as announced and only deal with the Governmental body concerned with the matter,” he said.

The Mombasa – Nairobi phase of the SGR continues to see various towns along the route benefit immensely from the increased human traffic that the line brings to these quaint towns. More human traffic directly translates to increased business opportunities for the locals thus enabling them improve their quality of life. This is the true SGR legacy: Connecting people and transforming lives.