ICD Operations Underway Following Launch

President Kenyatta launched the upgraded Inland Container Depot in Embakasi on December 16, 2017 paving way for the launch of the SGR Cargo Services. The upgraded depot will go a long way in decongesting the Port of Mombasa thus enhancing efficiency in the transport and logistics sector.

Speaking during the launch, H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the government is committed to lowering the cost of doing business through investment in enabling infrastructure.

‘Over the last four years the government has invested in the expansion of the country’s transport and infrastructure network with a view of reducing the cost of doing business while creating new business and employment opportunities.’ President Kenyatta said. ‘The launch of the Madaraka Express in May this year has already had a significant impact on the tourism sector, boosting both foreign and domestic tourism; today’s commissioning of the new Nairobi Inland Container Depot is expected to pass on the benefit to both importers and exporters of cargo.’

Once the cargo service is in operation, the cost of transporting cargo is set to come down. The maximum cost of transporting a fully loaded 20ft container has been set at Ksh. 49,500 for the full distance between the port of Mombasa and the Nairobi inland container depot.

Agricultural inputs will so enjoy a lower rate at a minimum cost of Ksh. 16,500 for a minimum distance of 200 Km and a maximum cost of Ksh. 41,250 for the full distance The minimum chargeable weight for non-containerized cargo is 70 tonnes while that of light down traffic such as food stuffs, steel, animal feeds and paper is set at 43 tonnes per bogie wagon.                                                                                                                    ICD launch