Kenya Railways Receives Rescue Equipment for SGR Operations

Rescue Crane

Rescue Crane

Kenya Railways has taken delivery of a Telescopic Boom Recovery Crane, which arrived aboard vessel Tian Zhen and offloaded this evening at the Mombasa Port. The Crane will be used for recovery of failed or derailed rail vehicles on the live Standard Gauge Railway line following any accidents; lifting of equipment or loading at the depots or sidings; and possible use during track maintenance such as lifting of track panels and rail sleepers.

The Recovery Crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 160 tonnes and an expected service life of up to 70 years. It will be primarily used to rescue and recover rail vehicles which include empty or loaded wagons, locomotives or coaches either on the same line or on adjacent lines in case of accidents.

The Recovery Crane has a diesel-hydraulic engine, hydraulic braking system to prevent accidental movement during operations and uses outriggers for additional support to improve stability. The crane is fitted with a telescopic boom which extends to different lengths depending on the required lift. The crane is also fitted with a match wagon which is used for the storage of the boom and houses a small generator which provides electric and hydraulic power.

During rescue activity, the Rescue Crane works in conjunction with three rescue coaches, which provide amenities for staff as well as housing for the tools used during rescue. In order to get to the site, the Crane is hauled by a towing locomotive moving at speeds of up to 120km/h. During the operation, the crane can self-propel up to a speed of 8km/h while on the worksite.

China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC); the EPC contractor for the Mombasa Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway line is required to supply two Recovery Cranes as per their contractual obligations. The Crane received today will be subjected to dynamic and static tests as part of the inspection and acceptance process. The second crane is expected to arrive in December, 2017.