Madaraka Express Train Service: Ticketing Terms & Conditions

The Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (MNSGR) is the First Phase of East Africa’s Regional Railway Network, which connects Mombasa-the biggest port in the East African Region- to Nairobi-the capital city of Kenya. Following the project’s commissioning by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Madaraka Express train service in underway and has roared to life in a big way. Since passenger services commenced, we have experienced a daily surge in passenger numbers an indication that we are off to a good start. Travelers are encouraged to observe the terms and conditions for ticket purchases as below:

  • Travelers are requested to purchase tickets at the ticket windows in the ticket office at stations
  • When at the ticket office:
  • Please pay attention to the display screen at the ticket windows
  • Please prepare ticket fee in advance for quick service
  • Tell the Attendant your travel date, train number, dispatching (departure) station, destination station, preferred class, preferred seat number and ticket type
  • Please check the ticket information and confirm you have been given the correct balance after purchasing the ticket
  • Tell the ticket seller if you notice any mistake before leaving the counter
The platform at Mombasa Terminus

The platform at Mombasa Terminus

  • The Railway station will not accept any children who are traveling alone
  • Children between 3-11 years traveling with adults will get a 50 per cent discount
  • Children over 11 years old must pay the full ticket price
  • Each adult passenger can bring 1 child of 3 years or below. The child will travel free of charge.
  • In case an adult passenger is traveling with two or more children, the other children must pay half the ticket price
  • Cases where a passenger is traveling with twins, triplets or quadruplets, the children shall be deemed as 1 child provided there is proof of birth e.g a registration certificate. One is thus encouraged to carry all relevant certificates and present them at the counter in such cases. For cases where proof of birth is not available, the child will be required to pay the full ticket amount.
  • In cases where a passenger looses his/her ticket, he/she will be required to buy another ticket in order to travel.
  • If a passenger looses his/her ticket while in transit, the passenger will be expected to buy another ticket at the destination station in order to exit the station,
  • Cases where a passenger misses to catch the train due to personal reason, the following refund procedure shall be observed:
  • If the passenger notifies the station attendants before the train departs, the operator shall deduct 20 per cent of the ticket fee (refund fee)
  • Refunds will not be issued after the journey has commenced, at Intermediate or destination stations. The ticket is a valuable train taking proof so please keep them properly.
  • Requests for a refund will be rejected in cases where the tickets are damaged (unrecognizable).