Route Description of the Nairobi – Naivasha Section (Phase 2) of the Standard Gauge Railway line

  • nairobi-naivasha-schematic-plan
  • Starts from the West end of the Nairobi South Hub (end point of the Mombasa – Nairobi SGR);
  • Turns south-westwards through the Nairobi National Park and west past Twala and Ongata Rongai Towns;
  • Crosses Magadi Road next to the Adventists University and Ngong Road at Embulbul;
  • Descends into Rift Valley through a tunnel located North-West of Ngong Hills;
  • Proceeds North-West to the proposed Industrial Parks at Mai Mahiu and Suswa
  • Crosses B3 at Duka Moja

Passenger and freight exchange Stations

  • Ongata Rongai – behind Ongata Rongai Town
  • Ngong – along Gataka Road, one (1) kilometre East of Embumbul Township
  • Mai Mahiu – approximately 10 kilometres South of Mai Mahiu Township
  • Suwsa – within Suswa Township
  • Proposed Industrial Parks – at proposed Mai Mahiu Station (Naivasha sub-County) and Suswa Township Station (Narok County)