Yet Another Government Dignitary Visits the NRM


maina kamada

Hon. Maina Kamanda, the Chairman of the Transport, Public Works and Housing Committee together with the Nairobi Railway Museum Curator Dr. Maurice Barasa during his visit to the Museum.

The chair to the National Assembly’s Transport, Public Works and Housing Committee Hon. Maina Kamanda recently visited the Nairobi Railway Museum. In similar style to President Uhuru’s visit to the Museum, Hon. Kamanda arrived unannounced, catching the Museum staff by surprise.

The Honorable visitor was shown around the Museum by the Curator Dr. Maurice Barasa who informed him that it is indeed the construction of the Uganda Railways that gave birth to the Kenyan nation. He marveled at the array of displays at the Museum and even joked that many ladies who have sat on the ‘queens seat’ must have felt like queens themselves.

Disclosing that he is a student of history, Hon. Kamanda was impressed by the rich depth of history on display at the Museum, and more so, to learn that Theodore Roosevelt, a onetime president of the United States of America, did visit Kenya and actually rode on the lunatic line as the railway line is commonly referred.

“I am very glad that I came to this place. It is a remarkable venture you have going on here. Kenya is a country with rich history and all efforts made to preserve the history are good. At this Museum you have the most unique history about this country,” he said.

He promised to tour the Museum a second time in the near future together with the members of the Transport, Public Works and Housing committee. This way, he said, he would be playing an ambassadorial role for the Museum and marketing the rich history of Kenya Railways.